Identity Preserved (IP) Grains

Identity preservation is the practice of segregating crops to maintain their specific traits from the planting and production process through the processing, packaging and ultimate the delivery of the crop to the end market. IP Programs are customized and designed to satisfy the requirements of food, feed, and ingredient companies and systems can be implemented for any crop. Hard IP Programs may require extensive documentation for each of the segregating stages, while Soft IP Programs will have varying exceptions in what is encompassed in the reporting and / or the methodology of the reporting.


The success of food manufactures to develop and promote product brands starts with their competency to consistently procure the quality and quantity of grains which they require in their food formulations. The mindset of food manufacturing companies has radically evolved in the past decade. Science and proprietary knowledge have advanced their understanding of the benefits of being able to preferentially select product on a diverse criteria basis; this means that there is added value in specific varieties, grown in specific areas under a specific set of agronomic parameters. 

View the five characteristics of Rein Identity Preserved Programs below.


  • Confirmation of Variety 

  • Seed Purity Analysis

  • Disease Testing Analysis

With brand reputations relaying on the security and traceability of food ingredients this database and transparency access to this information has never been more important.


Rein’s knowledge and understanding of Identity Preserved Systems has been formulated from years of experience as pedigreed seed growers and as organically certified producers and processors. To satisfy the growing demands for food security Rein instinctively developed and implemented Hard and Soft IP Programs which we have been operating for the past eighteen years.  

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Identity Preservation Program on your farm?