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Protein Africa

Rein has a business mandate to develop fully integrated plant-to-plate agriculture projects in emerging regions of Africa. Rein is the principal in this joint venture and our domain, Protein Africa, is wholly focused on development and implementation of these technologies throughout Africa. 


Rein’s partnership group has a strong understanding and competence of working globally and particularly in emerging markets. Using new proprietary technologies as a competitive advantage Rein delivers a complete, vertically integrated, sustainable model that improves the agriculture grain-to-market value chain. Our initiatives are designed to provide rapid and cost-efficient solutions for protein deficiency and food security.

The number of chronically hungry people on the globe is now estimated to be more than 800 million. It is clear that more efficient methods of producing affordable and nutritious food is required. The most immediate solution is to radically alter the food conversion processes by utilizing new technologies which can synthesize the transition of plant based proteins directly to ingestion.

Rein integrates the most efficient synthesizing food conversion technology into its Protein Africa business model.  This proprietary processing technology revolutionizes the production of plant protein, soybeans, nuts, seeds and pulses to alternative dairy beverages. This localized and comprehensive, in country strategy is the most creative and impactful means of addressing the high cost of food, the chronic malnutrition, and the excessive food spoilage that occurs before imported food reaches the marketplace. Importantly, Protein Africa is a reboot for the domestic agriculture sector in generating employment and utilization of the land resources that in a productive manner. 


Rein is confident that our applied expertise in developing and managing agri-food projects can be realized through this unique relationship.